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"Julia is a beautifully talented artist who has adorned me and many of my friends SO many times with her gorgeous designs.  She has done both my hands twice- for a photoshoot and for my wedding, and recently decorated my pregnant belly with a beautiful mandala lotus design.  She is also a very talented photographer and traditional painter- a true artist!  She really connects with everyone that she adorns which makes the experience extra special.  If you have never had henna before.... book her for your next gathering and she will make you and all of your friends look and feel like goddesses!"  - Ashley S.

"Julia is a true artist and such a relaxed and beautiful soul to be around.  She attended my Blessing Way ceremony when I was 36 weeks pregnant and decorated my belly with a gorgeous mandala-like pattern.  She also decorated the hands and feet of the ladies attending the ceremony.  She worked quickly and confidently and the final product was beautiful!  She was so easy to be around and has such a kind and thoughtful nature.  Not only are Julia's henna skills superb, she is a very talented photographer as well.  She captured some really beautiful images of my belly and of the celebration.  I was very pleased with the photos and am so happy I have them to share with my family, friends, and my beautiful baby as he grows.  Julia has a unique service to offer to anyone who loves henna or just wants to capture beautiful moments in their lives.  I highly recommend hiring her for your next special occasion!"  -  Laura A.

"Henna Tattoos, Art & Photography with Julia, you could not hope for a better artist ~ She is simply amazing, so talented and sweet to boot. She is reliable, professional, easy and fun to work with. She is a wonderful artist to collaborate with on art, design, photography and henna. I can't recommend her enough, she is one of the best henna artists in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Julia has developed her own unique beautifully intricate henna style, her bridal mehndi is exquisite and even her quick henna hand designs for parties and large scale events are fabulous and high quality. I have worked with Julia professionally at many events as a henna artist and as a photographer for over 4 years. She has helped my business tremendously and is my go to henna artist and photographer. I absolutely love her and I love her work." - Robyn J.

"I am so happy that I took the time to get my arms henned by Julia before going to a music festival. People kept stopping me to ask me where I had gotten the henna, others thought it was a real tattoo. She did some beautiful tribal moroccan designs on each of my arms. I am amazed by her symmetry and attention to detail in her art work. Julia is both fun and professional. I recommend her to do your next henna or hire her for your next party."  - Jemineye H.

"Julia is an amazing artist.  She has been doing my henna for special occasions for the past 5 years.  I love her unique style and the way she can adapt to create a design very specific to her client.  Her art is totally amazing and breathtaking. When she does both of my hands/arms for festivals, rituals and special events, I get compliments from everyone.  People are always asking me, "who did this?! It's incredible."  I am proud to tell them about Natural Henna Art and Julia.  Her sweet, caring and kind personality makes the experience of being adorned that much more enjoyable.   I can't wait for my next appointment."  -  Rosalie H. 

"Julia is absolutely incredible & I highly recommend her!  She is really friendly and easy to work with, while her artwork is extremely dynamic.  Her photographs capture stunning and elegant beauty; while her henna artwork and designs are bursting with a highly creative and floral flow.  Her canvas work is also highly admirable- viewing them is like stepping into a graceful, warm and stylish vortex.  I love her work so much that I actually got it permanently tattooed on my body.  I am so blessed to be able to carry her creation on me forever."  -  Oni F.

"When I first had henna done with Julia to be honest I wasn't expecting much.  I've had henna done many times and many places... I was expecting to do the regular song and dance.  Pick a pattern, where do you want it, cool somewhat goopy pattern to show off for a week or two, NEXT.  Man, was I wrong.  Julia has a calming effect on people which instantly lets you know she's not just another "artist" trying to make a quick buck or two.  This is a creative co-experience.  You start off with a brainstorming session with a plethora of sample styles to choose from as you create your vision.  Once started you'll be treated to intricate freehand swirls, lines, and spirals smoothly expanding into a masterpiece on your skin.  I was amazed by the fine lines and the level of detail in her art and for the very first time in my henna history... not a single gloop or glob.  The entire experience was unrushed, pleasant, and warm.  It's not just art, it's an experience.  I had also referred a good pregnant friend of mine to receive a "Baby Belly Blessing" a fairly unique service of Julia's.   She came out beaming with a radiant rainbow of flowers, leaves, and feathers welcoming the little one to her little home... you aren't just limited to the color brown.  Her face was glowing for weeks afterwards.  The point is... Julia isn't just an artist (but a fine one at that)... she's a healer of sorts and really cares about the experience that her clients receive. Such a rare thing these days, it's inspiring."  -  Peter K.

"Julia did an amazing job for my coachella adventure! She is a wonderful talented artist and so quick! She completed both my pieces in an hour! I was stunned by her attention to detail and ability to deliver such works of art so fast! I highly highly highly recommend her ;)"  -  Kaylan K.

"Julia is such an amazing artist! Her style is so beautiful and unique! Every time I've gotten henna from her, I have been so happy! She is so sweet and kind and talented! I highly recommend her henna artistry and photography! Aloha!" - Jasmine S.

"Julia did an amazing job and I will definitely call her again!!! She has a beautiful personality and engaged in conversation while copying a picture of the henna I wanted into my arm! It was an amazing experience to get to meet her and work with her and I would definitely do it again!" - Devan W.

"Julia is an amazing henna artist. I have a crazy scar along my shoulder blade that I wanted henna over to cover it. She did a fantastic job of making a design that worked with it but drew attention away from it. I want to keep doing designs with her to figure out the tattoo in this place. She was reasonably priced, paid so much attention to detail and thoroughly enjoys doing henna artwork as the person receiving it!" - Corinne M.

"I Love my henna art from Julia each and every time! I always get so many compliments from her work. She's a true artist who can give you a beautiful traditional style piece or work with your vision and come up with something unique to you. She's as good as it gets." - Adam K.

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