Pregnant belly henna

Pregnant belly henna is a beautiful way to celebrate new beginnings and used as a calming and therapeutic blessing for the mama-to-be.  Each design is specific for the expecting mother; no two designs are ever exactly the same.  It helps to create a loving space to honor the new mother and new life, and support her on the next step of the journey.

A gentle mix of natural, high-quality henna powder, lemon juice, water, sugar, black tea & essential oil (lavender) is used in the paste.  A lemon-sugar spray is used to help seal the paste to the skin.  Be sure that your henna artist uses no more than these few simple ingredients.  Generally, pregnant belly henna takes around 30 min for a medium-sized design, to an hour or even a bit longer for something more extensive. 

Pregnant belly henna is a great addition to baby showers & blessingways, to adorn the mother-to-be as well as guests in attendance, and only adds to the joyous atmosphere of the celebration.  It also creates a beautiful addition to pregnancy photography to have for years to come!

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