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Pregnant belly henna is a beautiful way to celebrate new beginnings and used as a calming and therapeutic blessing for the mama-to-be.  Each design is specific for the expecting mother; no two designs are ever exactly the same.  It helps to create a loving space to honor the new mother and new life, and support her on the next step of the journey.

A gentle mix of natural, high-quality henna powder, water, sugar & essential oils is used in the paste.  Generally, pregnant belly henna takes around one hour for a medium-sized design, to an hour or two for something more extensive. 

Pregnant belly henna is a great addition to baby showers & blessingways to adorn the mother-to-be as well as guests in attendance, and adds so much to the joyous atmosphere of the celebration.  It also creates a beautiful addition to pregnancy photography to have for years to come.

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