White henna

For options other than henna, white henna is a fun addition to all types of events, gatherings, parties & weddings~

First & foremost, white henna is not actually henna. It does not stain the skin. Its a safe-for-skin, non-toxic waterproof body glue that is applied in a similar way to henna.  I buy these supplies from Henna Caravan, a great supplier for all things henna, based out of Southern California.  Here is the link if you'd like more information: http://hennacaravan.com/shop/hennaglam

Though it doesn't stain the skin & lasts for less time than henna (1-4 days), depending on how much its washed, it's a fun addition and another option for temporary body adornment.  The dry time is similar to henna (anywhere between 10-25 minutes depending on the air temperature), yet once applied, there is no paste that will eventually crumble off.  This body glue can be removed with alcohol and a washcloth or loofah, lotion, or even warm water & soap.  You'll need to scrub a bit if its been recently applied, but its relatively easy to remove.

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